Failed DIY on cup
Assalammualaikum earthling :)

This evening , I , have made a ridiculous thing . Me , do a DIY . haha .. Believe that ? Me ? Seriously , I repeat ,  serious .

Jyeah , below is what I have got :-


Another one is :-

Truthly , both is the same cup . Kihkih .

You know , actually I used non-permanent marker because there so many risks I will get if I do that . First , my mom will mumbling to me . Please , this is fasting month mak . Huhu . Second , people gave this cup to her , so I cannot do something dumb to that cup . But I did . How naughty .. -,-

The funny moment is I  erased imidiately after take the photo . Yeah , I 'm feel nervous . Afraid if I cannot erase that . Hmm , if just I have money to buy my own frame , cup or even doodle book  , I can't anything on that things . Huissh , what a daydream .

The point is , we must do something with the owner permission or it will be failed . Just like me . Haha . I 'm glad she is my mak okay .

That's all , Assalammualaikum .

P/s:- How about yours 'makanan berbuka' last night ? I'm sure it is such  tasty . My family have cocktail drink for us . I am the addicter of that drink if you want to know . Haha .. :3

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