Pengawas Muda SABGS
Assalamualaikum lovely .

Haha , from day to day blog is my first search . Huhu . Happy  ~

Okey . Now ! Do anybody know about Pengawas Muda ?Okey buddy let me explain . Before we can be a fully prefect we need to do an interview with my beloved teachers ; Madam Rashidah ; Madam Syeikha and Miss Swee . Is their name sound nicely ? Bhaha .. Just their name , kay . 

Then , if we could pass the interview awesomely , our name will be announced by taraa taraa .. Madam Rashidah . Huuu .. After that , we will get a Pengawas Muda name tag . White in color . Yup ! We're now a Pengawas Muda !

Yeah of course we need to do our responsibility immidiately . Me ; Yui need to preserve  pupils at gate . I need to check their nails and what we call it . Emm , oh yes ' peniti ' or I called as 'head needle' . Haha .

Many I learn from other senior prefect during check . They are very friendly even they're all are upper form . Huhu  ~ This are several name could I remember :- Kak Symek , Kak Nurin . Haha ..
Also Kak Hajar but she not on the duty there .

As I remember , the funniest thing is I want to check 'peniti' at a chinese student . Whohoa . Really , really stupid action . All senior prefect with me laugh because of that . Huhu ..

After recess , I need to expel the students and switch off the fans. I hate doing this . No friends . Umphh . So boring ..

I really hope wil be a real prefect next year . Pray for me , okay ! Below is the proof :3

Sorry , no camera detected . Blahh .. I hate it . Nevermind .

Okay , Happy Eidulfitri to all muslims .
Assalammualaikum ..

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